The Boy turned 16. so is now officially know as The Teen. he’s a bloody good lad. me and The Enemy are so proud of him. passed all his exams, and is now at college studying A levels. wants to be a primary school teacher.

had his prom (what is it with us being americanised?) so obviously as a loving dad i had to buy him a suit. i’ll admit to getting a bit choked when he stepped out of the fitting room. boy did he look the business.


his footy team Pinfold Pumas XI also won the treble. THE TREBLE! this for a team that a couple of years ago went a full season without a single victory! sadly they decided between them that they didn’t want to play this year, but at least they went out on top. my eternal thanks to Nev & Brandon for what they did with that bunch.

2016-05-08 15.39.44.jpg

he didn’t stop playing footy though. he went and played some five-a-side. and look where it got him… bloody hospital with torn tendons! and if you’re wondering why i look so happy, it is because i was overjoyed that it wasn’t ME in hospital for change!2016-07-31 20.06.38.jpg



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