2016-12-09 21.33.29.jpg

so, i have been. paid my £2 and i am a member of a gym. been shown around and it ain’t owt flash, but it’ll suit my needs. due to it’s opening hours i shall only be able to get there on a friday, but the hard work starts here.

got given my key fob that grants me entrance. that’s wat the two quid was for. went outside after, to wait for the parental unit picking me up and thought it best to put the fob on my keys.

searched my pockets, no fob. looked again, no fob. emptied ALL my pockets….. NOTHING!!! am i losing my mind? ain’t this a grand start? having to fork out anothet £2 before i even start.

hold on though. she gave it me, then took it off me to open the door, then never gave it back! back in, back up the stairs, collect it again, and back outside.

now THAT is today’s workout complete!



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