now my bearded dragon, Stumpy, is six months old on sunday, and he is a lively bugger. for an animal known to spend the greater part of a day basking, he does some running about. Pogona Parkour!
and he eats Locust. loves them. nowt pleases him more than to put the tub in, take the lid off and let him chase them round his viv, chomping away. they’re about 1″-2″ long, colourful and quite cute


Stumpy and a hopper.

the boy’s, Spike, is 11 weeks older, considerably bigger (they grow at different rates) and also eats locust. only HIS are adult ones. about 2″-4″ long. big, brown, and with wings. and they crunch when he has them.


Spike’spawn of satan

Spike is a lazy sod. won’t run about. never has. but i thought, if he has summat to run after…..
so i put a full tub of 6 adult hoppers in his viv, took the lid off, quickly shut the door and watched. yeah…. watched.
i watched ALL SIX jump.straight into the bushes. Spike just sat there.
now as i said, Stumpy sized bugs i can scoop up with my hands no worries. but not Spike’s. lord no! so there i was, shifting bits of greenery like a fat David Bellamy, jumping like a schoolgirl when one hopped and screeching if one landed on me. trying to grab them one at a time and dangle them in front of the lazy git.
i finally managed it, put all the viv decorations back and sat back relieved.
i’m sorry Stumpy, but you’re sticking with the smaller ones. at least you like to chase em.