to start, an apology.

i didn’t do an xmas show last year. making up for it this year.


so please join me HERE on friday 23rd from 8pm.

a show full of cracking tunes and whatever else we fancy. as usual, requests are welcomed, just mail them to sfrstudio@live.co.uk or tweet them to @sfrstudio #sfrxp

also looking at having a chat with folks live on air. so DOWNLOAD SKYPE HERE and add us as sfrstudioskype, TEXT me via skype and i shall call you back between songs.


see you friday





you recognise THIS reprobate?

Sunderland 051 (1)

yup, the drunk punk, four dinners, he’s been called a few things. well he has threatened me with summat not very nice unless i post. so i will.

on friday last week, i packed my bags and sat and waited. my clothing was in the black reebok bag on top. the rest…? we’ll come to that.


my big bruv above came and picked me up. he drove all the way from hayes, to barnsley. we had a brew. then we got in his car and he drove us to concord. that’s just near washington, sunderland. the reason? another good mates wedding. at which i was best man.

no, really, here look!


that was the morning after a little drinking session we had. shoeshine (the groom) 4D, trev, tush (who’s middle name ISN’T elizabeth) gav (shoes son) and myself had a bit of an old style knees up. loads of alcohol, loads of laughs and plenty of singing. oh yes, singing! i dare you to press play!

click HERE

and what were we listening to? my newest purchase. my very own PA unit.


that little box on the floor, well thats my new toy. 140w of noise. plugged into it, my laptop, and my deck. barnsley sime is now mobile!


what a punch this thing packs. with the main volume on 2 and the channel volume on 2 also, it was loud enough that we could just about hear each other! ace.

anyhoo… after breakfast, we got ready. some faster than others. below is the dad who is getting married and gav, the son. that isn’t. guess who was last?


and left for the sunderland civic centre. where shoe married his beloved vespa, in a loveley service.


after a lifetime taking photos (why do they always have to take so long?) it was off to the reception. and what a reception.

it was at a bloody scooter rally!

yup, shildon scooter rally to be precise. where we started to drink. and drink, and drink some more.

here’s some snaps.


me, shoe and a tiara.

261253_2143765188720_1083932827_32494220_4352851_n (1)

trev, shoe, me & jeff.


SFR on tour.


the SFR lads harrassing the bride.


everywhere we go. how DOES he do it? (ok, easier when the far left is the bride’s daughter. and her mate)


drunk? moi? i was on guinness all day, so….


put it away old man.

so, there. posted again. i will try my damndest to post again soon. (i have to let you all know how to tune into my show now we are changing servers.

ttfn folks.




like many right minded people i fully support the demonstrations that have been occurring in the past few weeks in regards to the student fee increases. i truly believe that education should be free. and not just for the privileged few. not for me, obviously, but i do worry about the future education of the boy, and don’t want to have to be forced into the same situation as my parents were. my sister went to catering college in Sheffield. this cost my parents an arm and leg in equipment and such. (the fact that she only did two out of the three years is irrelevant).

i too wanted to try my hand at catering. i loved to cook, still do. it was that or try to become an engineering draughtsman like my dad. i was shit hot at tech drawing at school. no, i mean SHIT HOT! to the extent that i got kicked out of our weekly three hour lesson, simply for the fact that i finished the set task in about 30 minutes, and so got out my dads books he used to gain his ONC, HNC, OND & HND in draughtsmanship when he was at college., picked a task, and set about it. the teacher, for reasons i STILL don’t know, took umbrage to this, called me a clever little sod and sent me out!

when it came to applying for college, i was given the simple facts. “we can’t afford for you to go to catering college. it’s going to have to be draughtsmanship”. suited me. so i applied for the appropriate course. or so i thought. turns out i’d enrolled on a course for Architectural Engineering. whoops. i thought i may as well give it a try, after all, i was a dab hand at technical drawing.

i went. for a year.

it was a three year course. the first lesson of the second  year we were told to draw the alphabet. yes, you read that right. 2nd year, draw the alphabet. so i quit. i didn’t tell my parents, but that’s a story for another time. what i did do though, was spend a lot of time in libraries. great things libraries. they have newspapers and magazines as well as books.

i grew partial to reading the New Statesman. i also bought the socialist worker on a regular basis. i delved deeper and deeper into politics. i read a lot of Orwell. i read the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by Robert Tressell and of course listened to a lot of Style Council & Billy Bragg. i also  managed to get to a red wedge show.


Billy Bragg, Ken Livingstone, Neil Kinnock & Paul Weller.


march 31st 1990 i got on a bus, organised by the guy who ran the quiz in my local, and went to london for the anti poll tax march. read more here: POLL TAX RIOTS . flash forward twenty years. the protesters are back on the streets. affirmative action some call it. i’m all for it. but thats my lefty tendancies.

but there are limits.



no-one, and i mean NO-ONE could condone this kind of behaviour. what’s made it worse (for me at least) is the fact that this tool is the adopted son of Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. apparently he was “high on LSD” when he did it. and “didn’t realise it was The Cenotaph”. how the fuck can he not have know that it was The Cenotaph? didn’t the words FOR THE GLORIOUS FEW carved in foot high letters not give the clue away? sorry master Gilmour, but you are a cunt on the same scale as Phillip Laing who made the front pages after he urinated up the war memorial in Sheffield READ MY POST HERE .

ON THE OTHER HAND…. and this is where i get people telling me off, I’m still not sure what i make of this.


yes, the parental unit are around their ages, and i wouldn’t like it to happen to them, but these are a pair that live in the lap of luxury, paid for by us, and don’t even know what it’s like to live in the real world. i mean come on. they are saying that the wedding of Will and Kate next year will cost somewhere in the region of £15-20,000,000. tell you what that money could be better spent on…. subsidising the fees of the very people that were outside of the car. then maybe, just maybe, the next time you drive past, they may wave at you, not try to tip your car over!

also, on the subject of money well spent. can i congratulate the FA for wasting £15,000,000 on a failed world cup bid. FIFTEEN MILLION!where does this money come from? combined with chucks £15m that’d make one hell of a dent in the fees! my big question was, how much would it have cost had we won?

i’m tired. it’s half 12 and i need to sleep now. so apologies if i have rambled, waffled or gone off on tangents.




later/tomorrow i shall tell you what a colleague had to say about it all.