The Boy has taken Barnsley, i have taken the mighty Leeds United.
we’ve played 5 league games each so far. he has won more than me.
no suprise there then.
much gnashing of teeth, tantrums, bad language and sulking too. the boy has been ok.




so the F.A. are to donate £150,000 to the teenage cancer trust. well very well done. a whole one hundred and fifty thousand pounds. however will they carry on with such benevolance?

here’s a thought i shall pass on to all the suits at the F.A.  just an idea off the top of my head.

how about you make EVERY pro footballer in the country donate a weeks wage to the same?


how many £150,000’s would that bring in?

yes i know, there are a lot of pro’s NOT on obscene wages, but by christ there are enough that are to make a difference.
lets say on average a squad has 30 players. and they average £20,000 (ha ha, yeah i know). that alone, from one club is £600,000. and there are 92 in the english leagues?

that is £55,200,000. OVER FIFTY FIVE MILLION POUNDS.

and it will probably be a hell of a lot more than that. probably that from the premier league alone.

so, Mr Big Suit from the FA. don’t sit telling us how wonderful you are for donating the pittance that is £150,000.

we sure know what the FA stands for. and it aint football association.




so terry butcher has turned down the barnsley managers job. what a shocker. who in their right mind would want to manage a club that is rock bottom of the championship and has no money to spend on “strengthening the squad”*. O’Driscoll didn’t. and went public in the papers to state as much! paul ince’s name has been mentioned in dispatches. but would YOU knowing you are third. choice, and have nothing to spend?
ok, we’ve broke even again financially, but theres an old saying that to make money you have to spend it
sign someone who may be in the twighlight of his playing years, but would be a crowd puller.
look at Gazza. burnley signed him when he was teetering on the edge of being a has been. but it brought folks through the turnstiles, thus generating revenue that not only helped pay his wages, but sign other new players.
but there’s the rub. barnsley football club have always been happy to take money by selling players, but very rarely do they splash the cash on new talent. look at Vaz Te. sold to west ham for £250,000, yet was any spent?
so on we plod. managerless. until 5pm saturday. cos if we beat Leeds, then whats the betting Flitcroft is given the job full time to the end of the season?

*i. other words “getting rid of the old shite for decent players”


 was watching Kes this morning. the enemy came into the room, and said:

“what’s this?

of course i shot her a filthy look.

then the boy came in.

“ooh! Kes!”

she’s 38. he’s 10.


i mentioned this on twitter, and was sent a link to this.

i think i’ll put a tenner on no6.

running guide.JPG2running guide

and that got me to thinking of soccer am and vic and bob.