hello it’s me, how can i help?
whine & groan & moan & chelp.
“there’s summat up, it’s all your fault, sort it out or face a revolt.
i’ve been with you for years and years”
sad sob story, sniffles and tears.
“gimmee summat new, best that you’ve got, all bells and whistles, i want the lot!”
“but not reyt pricey, good deal, you know? paying just the same as five years ago.”
“and i want loads of freebies, chuck em all on, and if tha can’t, that’s it i’m gone!”
“tha wants HOW MUCH? tha’s gorra be mad!”
“i’m off to your rival, telling thee lad”
“they’re one pound cheaper, hundred up front” (he’s not done the maths, the tight fisted….. pillock)
“so cancel me now, or i’ll start to yelp”

new call,
hello it’s me,
how can i help?




so looking forward to it.
probably not for the reasons YOU may be thinking. oh no.
since TOTP was relegated to xmas day only i have missed the chance to have a regular rant at the state of the “mainstream” music in this country.
and having worked nights for the last 13 Brits, i have missed it. yeah, recorded a couple, but not the same shouting at the telly on your own. 

which brings me to Vicky…. SHE isn’t as enthused with tonight’s prospect. 

oh dear. 

but let’s be reyt. the best music in Britain these days is largely ignored, because it is not being force fed into folks living rooms on weekend telly. 


i was setting up Skype again a couple of weeks back and decided to try summat i once did before. i am going to try and simulcast a radio show on video streaming. now, whether this works or not is in the lap of the gods, and if if actually HAPPENS, relies on me getting a new webcam. or should i say ANOTHER webcam. cos i bought one. 

looked ok. said it would do what i wanted. and was cheap enough. too cheap. should have known really. brand new webcam for less than 3 quid. all the way from china. no p&p.


absolute pile of rammel. it works ok ish for skype, but won’t do the job for the shows. so if i can source one in the next 24hrs we’ll be going live visually AND aurally. if not it will wait until the new year.

watch this space.



despite the rant earlier, i feel i am changing. growing older and wiser. not growing UP exactly. don’t think that will ever happen, but still…

take tomorrow. tomorrow i will be doing TWO things i have never done in 46 years.

1. participate in secret santa.

2. wear a xmas jumper.

and the odd thing is, i’m kind of looking forward to it.

don’t get me wrong, as The Enemy will tell you, i LOVE xmas. i just don’t DO xmas until there is xmas in the day.

i HATE xmas shopping (avarice at its worst) i HATE writing xmas cards (a waste of money) i ABHOR forced joviality in the workplace/anywhere (don’t tell me how to be happy)

i swear, i ain’t a grinch. ask The Teen! ask The Parental Unit….

but this year, i have sat and written some cards.

The Enemy* has bought a secret santa gift.

and The Enemy* has also bought me a snowman sweater, complete with a sticky out carrot and a floppy scarf.

we’re also in the process of making TWO yule logs for the team buffet tomorrow.

i still draw the line at singing xmas carols though.

wish me luck


*i draw the line at venturing out into the mad crowds.



this world is currently a fucked up place. we have shit going on all over the place with various race/religion/countries/creeds fighting each other for who know’s what reasons.

and then you get this lot.


worse than the idiots committing these atrocities are the cunts that work for m*****h publishing his hate and lie filled “newspaper”.

no-one…. NO-ONE needs to see this. i haven’t watched it. i don’t need to watch it. i don’t even want to THINK abut what it potentially contains. i am certain the relatives and friends of those killed and injured last night won’t want to see it.

“HORRIFYING VIDEO” it screams.


we don’t want to fucking see this.

they shouldn’t be allowed to even publish this.

fucking disgrace. scum. nothing short of.

i have NEVER and will NEVER buy the s**.

take care of each other folks.



my last post said that i was going to start to blog more frequently again. that was in april. kept my word there didn’t i?

well i have decided that i am going to start to keep a journal of sorts on the H2G2 website

nothing deep. just a sentence or two each day.

but what i write will be posted here first* just in case i feel like adding photos.

here is what i have written so far. as i say, don’t expect works of literary genius. just me and my thoughts.


got threatened again at the paying job tonight. happens regularly. too regularly to be honest. but what does one do to stop it? part of the job. back tonight for probably more of he same.

shops huh? a crazy world….


the person i identify with in this life is Rob McKenna**. i can sit at work, looking through the windows all night and the sky’s are clear, it is dry and calm. then at 5 to 7 all hell breaks loose, the heavens open and a gale starts up. just in time for my 12.5 mile ride home. get home, the clouds clear, the sun comes out and the wind stops. but i can assure you, by the time i get up to go back to work, the tempest doth return. i am a secondary rain god. mr mckenna, i salute you.


as you may have read in my bio, i dj. i do a show on a wednesday morning 10am-12pm. you can hear it here. http://www.mixlr.com/sfr you can visit our website here: http://www.sfrstudios.com be nice if you can listen and join in.


see, what did i tell you? just about to go to bed and out comes the bloody sun!

in other news, done the radio thing this morning. 2 hours of punk type stuff. no chat this week, busy with preparations for dj job live at Scooter & Ska Rally at Santa Pod a week on friday.

if you want to listen, pop here: http://www.mixlr.com/showreel where it will appear asap. ttfn


the three men i admire most and have influenced my life.


Paul Weller

Douglas Adams.

the three constants.

*also may be more in depth here than on there, ion fact the chances are i may just say pot it and use this place for the journal instead. watch this space. **Rob McKenna is a character that Arthur Dent meets in the Fourth instalment of the Hitchhikers Trilogy “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”




i have decided to start to blog again. not sure why, just a feeling. may be that it will be cathartic to do so. i figured if i need to vent, better here instead of at home.

so much has happened since, some good, some bad. i’ll let you in on a few of the good things. the bad ones can stay away.

the dj-ing lark has gone beyond my wildest dreams. do the radio still, trying to get back into doing a weekly wednesday morning show. i have done a few, it’s ok when i am sat there, it’s just the getting to the sitting there part. i am the same when it comes to doing owt around the house. takes me forever to start, but when i do i can’t stop.

the live dj-ing is another thing altogether. last time i was here i was about to play at the first Santa Pod “Back With Mods” Scooter & Ska Rally. it could not have gone better. the selecter, bad manners, small fakers, and many more played to a big crowd.


my sets went down well too, to the extent that i was asked to play this years, and i am already booked for NEXT YEAR too.

but back to this year….


once again i have the honour of being on the main stage for the whole of friday afternoon, and then between the bands on the saturday afternoon.


also, this year i am going down on two wheels. NEW two wheels. i still have Emily the PX but she now has a sister.

meet Pauline the AJS MODENA



not only am i riding her there, but she is going into the custom show too!

the enemy and the boy will be there too. they really enjoyed it last year. look! smiles all round!


the enemy wearing my parka!

what else?

oh yes, i was guest dj at the sheffield quadrophenia night, i have done more Rock & Roll Lounge gigs (every time i play it as one of the RARL djs) played my hometown, been support dj for a gig where Substitute and The Small Fakers were playing.


was asked to dj at the north london leg of march of the mods


and as such Rock & Roll Lounge are now hosting the Sheffield leg in 2015.


me and the boy have had season tickets fro the super reds down at oakwell. loved every single minute of having him at the side of me. taught him some new words pmsl, and we’ve been toa few local away matches also. highlight for me had to be after our (extremely unfair) loss to the our nearest rivals down the road he mturned to me, tears in his eyes and said 2you know what dad, forget man utd, it’s barnsley all the way for me now”. so proud. we looked a bit happier earlier in the day.


but no, it’s been an absolute joy to go to the games with him. and despite the fact that, as i write this, it looks like we will be relegated in two weeks, he has already affirmed his wish to renew his season ticket. top lad.

i channelled my inner Phill Jupitus too this year


uncanny huh?

i co-wrote a song! oh yes, that is true. an off the cuff remark to a local legend and musician Scott Doonican had me penning lyrics and next thing there it was! a song dedicated to the rather special toilets behind the old west stand at oakwell (also the name of the new fanzine for BFC)


take a look HERE and maybe download the single. it’s all for charity….

also helped fund a Bar Steward Sons Of Val Doonican lp, which in turn got my name on it!


bought some records…. LOTS of records. i’m a self confessed vinyl junkie


there was one more thing…. now what was it?

oh aye, got a text from a certain Mr A. Lewis and asked if i’d like to go backstage at Paul Weller’s Manchester Apollo gig and finally meet him and have a drink (Andy, not PW).

well i aint going to turn that down, especially as we have chatted for the last few years yet never actually met face to face.

so we finally did. (forgive the pic, it was taken on a dodgy phone by the enemy)


a true gentleman, and a pleasure to get to chat and share a bottle of red.

so yeah. thats about it. pretty much up to date.

been a long un today. the rest probably won’t be. but i promise i shall try to write more.



for now,