plenty of people are asking, so let me get one thing straight. I AM NOT DYING. i’m not 100% but i am NOT DYING. YET.

well, in so much as we all are from the moment we are born. but i have NOT had a heart attack, i am fine. ish.

we’ll go back a bit. i’ll explain.

Barnsley played Huddersfield in a pre season friendly. i walked down with the boy, and after the match we walked home. i stopped once to catch my breath and give my back a rest. not unusual in itself, other than i only stopped the once whereas i normally have two breathers.. then we played Ipswich. walked down with the boy, no problems, then we walked home. five tines i stopped. this time not just the usual back related issue (consequences of a fused ankle and being fat). no, this time my chest felt as though it was being ripped open. i finally got back in the house, and after a minute in the kitchen i went to the bathroom. after doing what needed to be done, i then went and lay on the bed for a short while. The Enemy went to pick the dog up from her mums/drop the boy off at work/get some shopping and by the time she got home the pains had subsided sufficiently enough for me to say “yes, i am ok” when she came home. watched some telly, went to bed.

during the night the pains came back, kept me awake most of it and made me feel bloody nauseous to boot. at the time my alarm should have been going off ready for me to go to work i was in no state to get up and go, so i rang to tell them. a few hours later it was decided i would/should call the doctor. my own surgery being shut (sunday) i rang the out of hours NHS line (BLESS THE NHS!) and answered so many questions i thought i was being interrogated! they then told me a doctor would call me back within the hour, which he did. and asked me all the questions i had just been asked. he determined that it was “unlikely” that i had suffered a “cardiac event” (a phrase that was to become familiar in the upcoming few days). he advised a course of ibuprofen and gaviscon. yup, that’s right. i took some, and it DID ease the pain. how odd. he also said to rest, so it was decided i would have the monday off too and return to work tuesday.

monday came around and something in me made me want to actually see a real doctor face to face. you know, to get the old stethoscope treatment, just to be safe. so i rang and made an appointment, which meant speaking to the receptionoist, who got the doctor to call me back to “discuss if he NEEDED to see me”. apparently this is how it is done now. he called, i was asked all the questions yet again and he agreed i needed to visit, so a date was made for friday (day off).

tuesday morning came, off i set to work, got there, started to set my stuff up for the day and the familiar pain started to appear again. went into the office with my manager and told her what was up, and to her credit she suggested i went to the hospital and got checked out. so i went home, rang The Enemy, then rang the parental unit to take me.

got to the hospital, they took me in and eventually i saw a succession of experts who wired me up, took blood, asked countess questions, pressed on my chest and used a stethoscope. the ECG came back normal, the bloods came back normal. but they wanted a second lot. in three hours. so, to wait i was admitted onto a ward. and waited. eventually the second lot of bloods were taken. then we waited for the results. all clear yet again, probably a muscular skeletal strain. BUT…. there is always a but, they wanted me to go to a RAPID ACCESS CARDIAC ASSESSMENT CLINIC for tests. according to what they told me, the numerous tablets i take each day for my diabetes can sometimes mask the symptoms of angina, so they needed to rule that out. here you go Sime, take this letter to your doctor and get him to refer you. no, we can’t. no we have no idea why either, sorry. oh and take a few days to rest yourself.

so i went friday, to the appointment i had already made monday. he got his stethoscope out. he asked me all the questions. he agreed i need the RACAC. gave me something to give the receptionist so she could book me in. and so i could get some more bloods done there and then. appointment booked for thursday afternoon.

so yesterday i went. got hooked up for an ECG, had a very nice chat with a doctor who asked me all the questions again and many more. he’s prescribed me more tablets, an under the tongue spray and is referring me for a cardiac CT scan to check my “pipes” to make sure i don’t have angina (see above reasons). at present purely precautionary measures, but you know, let’s make sure. so i await that date. well, two dates as i have to a have a pre assessment.

so that is where we are. as it stands right now, i am NOT DYING.

thanks to all who have asked after me and shown concern, means a lot. i shall of course keep you up to date, but you know as much as i do now.






despite the rant earlier, i feel i am changing. growing older and wiser. not growing UP exactly. don’t think that will ever happen, but still…

take tomorrow. tomorrow i will be doing TWO things i have never done in 46 years.

1. participate in secret santa.

2. wear a xmas jumper.

and the odd thing is, i’m kind of looking forward to it.

don’t get me wrong, as The Enemy will tell you, i LOVE xmas. i just don’t DO xmas until there is xmas in the day.

i HATE xmas shopping (avarice at its worst) i HATE writing xmas cards (a waste of money) i ABHOR forced joviality in the workplace/anywhere (don’t tell me how to be happy)

i swear, i ain’t a grinch. ask The Teen! ask The Parental Unit….

but this year, i have sat and written some cards.

The Enemy* has bought a secret santa gift.

and The Enemy* has also bought me a snowman sweater, complete with a sticky out carrot and a floppy scarf.

we’re also in the process of making TWO yule logs for the team buffet tomorrow.

i still draw the line at singing xmas carols though.

wish me luck


*i draw the line at venturing out into the mad crowds.


we watched Iron Lady on sunday. well, some of it. we gave it up within less than an hour. the constant time shift was just too annoying. that and the fact we both new it wouldn’t have a happy ending. the bitch is still alive


saturday was different. saturday we watched a cracking film.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. a british film about a group of retirees who have the chance to stay in the aforementioned hotel. Maggie Smith, Judi Dench (two dames for the price of one) Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy to name a few were the stars. and acted it perfectly. a gentle combination of the right amount of pathos and humour. i don’t know how this film slipped me by for so long. loved it. 10/10.

and so to next week. we’re off to the flicks this time. twice in a fortnight for me after taking The Boy to see The Hobbit (a tale for another day). i’m taking The Enemy to see this!


and i am really looking forward to it. full report will follow sunday.



not me. this was a comment made to me by an aging rocker during a conversation at work. a conversation about genesis, peter gabriel and phil collins.
the radio was on, “turn it on” was playing.
“i’ll never forgive peter gabriel” said the purple lensed glasses/denim jeans/denim shirt/leather coat/cowboy boot/dangly earing wearing type.
“for leaving?” i posited
“not that as such, more that he made collins believe he could sing!”
ha ha. funny man.
“i’ll admit when i saw them in 1990, collins came across as some sort of panto entertainer” i admitted.
and this is where we get to the crux of the tale…….
“i went to a posh school, my friends were all middle class and said ‘lets go see genesis’ so we did. didn’t really do it for me…… but two months later when i saw led zepplin……. now THAT was something else”
“………….” was all i could utter. 
and off he trotted. with me hating him more than i ever could before. 


cowell weller


a few statistics.

a recording career spanning 36 years.

6 studio albums while in The Jam.

6 studio albums while in The Style Council.

10 studio albums as a solo artist.

sell out tours worldwide.

many new bands STILL claiming him as a major influence.

possibly THE finest songwriter this country has produced in many years (surpassing Elton John, Lennon/McCartney, et al)

from a person who stated in a Sunday Times interview that he “didn’t like” music and was in it for the money,m you have a nerve criticising one of this country’s treasures. as it has been stated elsewhere, there is more likelihood of the reformation of The Jam than Paul Weller appearing on one of your shows. not that he would ever need to. Weller will be as relevant in 20/30 years as he is now, long after you and all your tedious shows and the so called talent they have created are long forgotten.

go back to the pit of hell Satan.





the reason i ask, i have an infection, or i HAVE had one. it was the “security tool”… it seems i have rid the pc of the program, but now i have no admin capability, even though i am set up as admin. that and the pc crashes every hour or so. not ideal when you are trying to host a five hour live radio show.

any help you can give will be greatly recieved……but please note, if you can explain as if you are teaching a child, that would be even better. i am so not computer literate.

if it’s easier to mail me, then feel free to get in touch at as that goes to my phone and i will get it, not certain i will via the pc.

cheers folks.