so looking forward to it.
probably not for the reasons YOU may be thinking. oh no.
since TOTP was relegated to xmas day only i have missed the chance to have a regular rant at the state of the “mainstream” music in this country.
and having worked nights for the last 13 Brits, i have missed it. yeah, recorded a couple, but not the same shouting at the telly on your own. 

which brings me to Vicky…. SHE isn’t as enthused with tonight’s prospect. 

oh dear. 

but let’s be reyt. the best music in Britain these days is largely ignored, because it is not being force fed into folks living rooms on weekend telly. 



we watched Iron Lady on sunday. well, some of it. we gave it up within less than an hour. the constant time shift was just too annoying. that and the fact we both new it wouldn’t have a happy ending. the bitch is still alive


saturday was different. saturday we watched a cracking film.


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. a british film about a group of retirees who have the chance to stay in the aforementioned hotel. Maggie Smith, Judi Dench (two dames for the price of one) Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy to name a few were the stars. and acted it perfectly. a gentle combination of the right amount of pathos and humour. i don’t know how this film slipped me by for so long. loved it. 10/10.

and so to next week. we’re off to the flicks this time. twice in a fortnight for me after taking The Boy to see The Hobbit (a tale for another day). i’m taking The Enemy to see this!


and i am really looking forward to it. full report will follow sunday.



ap_branson_house_fire_jp_110822_wg   London Riots

can i start by saying how much i actually like Richard Branson?

right, that said… WHAT AN ASRE!

yes, your multi million pound home ON YOUR OWN  ISLAND has burnt down, and that’s not nice. but perspective Richard.

you stand there and say to Kate Winslett’s kids “the main thing is we’re all here and safe, everything else is just stuff”

yes, true…. if, as i say, you are a billionaire.. but what if you are not?

as the owners of the furniture store watched  over 200 years of family business go up in flames, did they say “oh it’s just stuff”?

how about the owners of the flats above? did they think, “it’s stuff”?

no, but then, they don’t have the funds to replace everything like you do.

Mr Branson says he is confident that the damage will be cleared and replaced by a new house in time for his daughters wedding later this year. and that’s nice, a dad wanting to give his daughter the best he can on her wedding day. but how much is he wanting to not disappoint the ‘guests’ that fork out about 34,000 PER NIGHT to stay there?

here’s a though Richard…. and just bear with me on this one. once the wedding is over, how about offering the use of your island to this chap,


and this lady?


don’t recognise them?how about now? that’s Mr Maurice Reeves & Monika Konczylk. Mr Reeves is the gentleman who lost his shop, miss Konczylk the young lady seen leaping for her life from her flat.



i KNOW the riots weren’t your doing, and you are not responsible for the welfare of anyone affected in them,. but think….”all the rest is just stuff”. i doubt these people or their neighbours HAVE any stuff, nor the means to get it back. you are a generous person Richard. gregarious and fun loving. put yourself in their place……



p.s. i would just like to add and reiterate that i am glad that no one was injured, and that yes, i do understand that even the wealthiest of folks can have irreplaceable items. i’m not a total dick..