saturday walking home from Oakwell it felt like my chest was being ripped open. bad night.

sunday rang 111. answered SO MANY questions. out of hours doctor rang. answered SO MANY questions. advised that probably a strain/muscular. better night.

monday rang  my doctor. booked in for friday.

today. woke up in pain. went to work. came straight home. then i have spent most of the day at the hospital. had two blood tests, an ECG and lots of waiting.

bloods normal. ECG says my heart is fine and i have NOT had a “cardiac event” but rather it looks like it is muscular.

friday i have to still go see my doctor and he will book me into a clinic where they’ll put me on a treadmill and see what is what. (imagine the episode where Homer is on one, being watched by Mulder and Scully)

until then been told to relax, take it easy for a few days.

there you go.



you’ll remember Felicty Jane II. otherwise known as Betty.


well i took her in for a service last week. that and a new pipe. she’d not been running properly since i got her, but i put it down to the pipe she had on, a Sterling “race” pipe. full revs, high speed, she ran like a dream. low revs, like a dog. so i took her in.


so NOT just a problem that a pipe and a service will fix. let me state here and now, the guy i bought her from hadn’t ridden her as he rides automatic scooters. he deals in cars. buys and sells em. so he’d had a call from someone saying they had a scooter as a part exchange/deposit, does he want first refusal? he went through to look at her, liked her, bought her, put her up for sale.

i saw her, liked the look, liked the price, went and saw her, went back, gave him the money and rode her home. all well, as i say, sluggish and not great at low speeds, but open her up and she all but leaps away.



seems that whoever had owned her before that (and the V5 states one previous owner) had attempted to make her go faster, but not done it very well.

they had fitted a larger barrel. badly.

they had fitted a larger carb. badly.

they had fitted what my mechanic called “the largest jet i have ever seen on a scooter” which meant she was sucking fuel into her at a rate unknown to man. not only this, but as she has auto-lube, the oil/fuel mix was really out of sync, which means it was a miracle she hadn’t seized on me (something that my mechanic suspects HAS happened at some point).

the carb had been fitted with NO seals or gaskets, pulling all sorts of crap into the engine.

thankfully, it is salvageable, but at a cost of about three times what the service/pipe would have cost.

so i am saving up. and sitting here pissed off that i have a week off work that had plans involving riding up to Sunderland, down to Lincoln, over to Sheffield and Pontefract, and so many other places.

BUT, after chatting to The enemy, it has been decided that the engine gets done.

my mechanic is one of only three people i would 100% trust to build an engine that i know will be reliable to run and run and run. it’s that or try to sell Betty. at a loss, to then have less money to replace her. which means a risk of getting something much worse and being stuck in a never ending cycle.

then once the engine IS fixed, in the next three years, she is slowly tweaked and finessed and the bodywork and shiny stuff is also updated (panel wrapped, i ain’t made of money!) to turn her into a scooter that would grace the pages of Scootering Magazine. all ready for my 50th birthday.

ride safe.




so i did a show last night (you ought to pop along, you’d enjoy it) and rather enjoyable it was too. so i thought i would let you all have a link to it and see the playlist too.



next week’s show has a COLOURS theme, so if you want to get involved with any suggestions/requests, then feel free to get in touch, details below.

cg rainbow

as i say, HERE COMES THE WEEKEND is every thursday, live from 8pm, come have a listen, and a chat. all welcome.





during last night’s show i posted this photo and titled it “comfort break” as it was how i left the desk when i went for such. i later changed my profile photo on twitter and facebook to the snap.

it is only while looking at it now that i see so much of what is me in it. some of it hard for the viewer to make out, but…

the headphones and mic, the decks, the laptop all represent my love (some would say obsession) of music.

the mixlr chat page with some of my good pals, old and new, that share that love.

the pork pie and bucket hats an amalgamation of ska/indie/mod.

“The People United Will Never Be Defeated” & Hecky WSB stickers my love of Barnsley FC and (tenuously) my politics.

the Scootering calendar speaks for itself. so peculiar that you can find so much of yourself without even looking for it.




never do my blood pressure any good going down t’Well, but boy did that win feel good! thought we were going to throw it away in the second half though, but we dug in and saw it out. one of the things i enjoy about social media is the “banter” you can have with opposition fans. doesn’t have to be nasty, can be light hearted…



and, occasionally, they’ll have summat nice to say. this guy even took a really decent pic of Oakwell, which is now my desktop background!



anyhow, that’s today, now onto tuesday night and a visit to the piggys down the road.





it is saturday.

it is five to two.

can mean one thing.

time for me and The Teen (with The Enemy and her mum following on) to walk down Coniston Road, cut along Thirlmere and then down Grasmere to the legend that is Oakwell.

same route each game. same programme seller, same 50/50 seller, same entrance, same seat.

full of misguided optimism, bets placed, hopes raised, ready to be dashed. whatever the result, back there next home game to cheer the Super Reds yet again.




2016-12-09 21.33.29.jpg

so, i have been. paid my £2 and i am a member of a gym. been shown around and it ain’t owt flash, but it’ll suit my needs. due to it’s opening hours i shall only be able to get there on a friday, but the hard work starts here.

got given my key fob that grants me entrance. that’s wat the two quid was for. went outside after, to wait for the parental unit picking me up and thought it best to put the fob on my keys.

searched my pockets, no fob. looked again, no fob. emptied ALL my pockets….. NOTHING!!! am i losing my mind? ain’t this a grand start? having to fork out anothet £2 before i even start.

hold on though. she gave it me, then took it off me to open the door, then never gave it back! back in, back up the stairs, collect it again, and back outside.

now THAT is today’s workout complete!