spent most of my afternoon at work pondering, with an image not too dissimilar to the one above being most prevalent in my minds eye.

been asked a question today of which i have searched for an answer for such a long time. fair pained over it at times to be honest.

don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing serious like the answer to the ultimate question (which we all know is 42) but a question that has nonetheless stumped me for an age.  


and i think i have it beaten. maybe.

i have given an answer to the person that posited it this aft, and currently i eagerly await their considered view on my reply.

watch this space pop pickers!




i was setting up Skype again a couple of weeks back and decided to try summat i once did before. i am going to try and simulcast a radio show on video streaming. now, whether this works or not is in the lap of the gods, and if if actually HAPPENS, relies on me getting a new webcam. or should i say ANOTHER webcam. cos i bought one. 

looked ok. said it would do what i wanted. and was cheap enough. too cheap. should have known really. brand new webcam for less than 3 quid. all the way from china. no p&p.


absolute pile of rammel. it works ok ish for skype, but won’t do the job for the shows. so if i can source one in the next 24hrs we’ll be going live visually AND aurally. if not it will wait until the new year.

watch this space.




to start, an apology.

i didn’t do an xmas show last year. making up for it this year.


so please join me HERE on friday 23rd from 8pm.

a show full of cracking tunes and whatever else we fancy. as usual, requests are welcomed, just mail them to sfrstudio@live.co.uk or tweet them to @sfrstudio #sfrxp

also looking at having a chat with folks live on air. so DOWNLOAD SKYPE HERE and add us as sfrstudioskype, TEXT me via skype and i shall call you back between songs.


see you friday




as of sunday evening, SFR, formerly scooter forums radio will now be SOLID FRONT RADIO.
we can be found at the same websites as previously, but we are changing slightly. we are returning to our Mod roots. the already established shows will continue as they already are, but we are looking to recruit new djs and have a couple lined up that are very mod influenced.

onwards. upwards.





“doing a good job around here is like pissing yourself in a dark suit. you get a nice warm feeling, but nobody notices”.

no idea who first said this, but boy is it true.

i’m sick of my job. pure and simple. i am thankful i HAVE a job, and consider myself lucky i have been in the employ of the same form for coming up to 25 years now. but there comes a time when you feel enough is enough. and i feel that.
this won’t come as a shock to the enemy. she knows exactly how i feel. but then what. what can i do? after quarter of a century of doing one thing what can i do? i know what i’d like to do. but thats not gonna pay the bills.
thing with this place. its not just the job. its the people. when you are constantly biting your tongue for fear of saying the wrong thing, to people you don’t hate as such but are sick of hearing the same tired old stories from years ago, then its time to think.
so in the meantime i am going to plod on, in my damp, dark suit.



as many of you know, i am still doing my radio show on a sunday night. but it needs a change. so as of this coming sunday, it will be as thus.

START. 8pm as always.


it’s back, returning to its original sunday night slot, there’ll be an hour of ska/reggae/2tone/third wave to kick the night off. no chat, just an hour of non-stop music.


two hours of YOUR tunes, new music, reviews, chat and the rest of what you expect on sundays.

11-12am SUNDAY LIVE.

simply, a live recording of a concert.

you can keep up to date at sfrstudios.com or contact me via e-mail at sfrsime@radio.fm or tweet me @sfrstudio